The result of all rigor in the field and in the industry is the achievement of a highly selective product, the high standards of which are attested by several certifications.

BRCGS – Brand Reputation Compliance
Global Standard

Coplana Brazilian Premium Peanuts products are certified under BRCGS, a worldwide quality standard that evaluates not only suppliers in the retail market, but also the structure of industrial facilities and the capacity to produce safe food. Since 2010, the year in which Coplana was certified by BRC, its grade has been the highest in the standard, currently Grade AA.

Peanuts undergo laboratory analysis at various stages of processing, in accordance with strict standards and requirements of each industry segment or type of use.
The quality programs adopted by Coplana include: “Good Manufacturing Practices” and “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”.


Since 2014, Coplana has earned the Kosher certification, which determines standards to be observed when selling to the Jewish Community.

Sedex – Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

Since 2012, the Cooperative has been part of Sedex, a non-governmental organization located in England, maintained by 150 countries. Sedex is a recognized database that promotes transparency in the relationships of corporations worldwide. The information observes the ETI – Ethical Trade Initiative – a program that establishes standards when it comes to environmental, social, labor legislation and commercial ethics issues. Member companies periodically undergo external audits, and the results are publicly available.


Since 2019, Coplana has had the Pró-Amendoim seal, granted by the Brazilian Association of the Chocolate, Peanut and Candy Industry (Abicab), certifying the production of safe food. With this additional certification, Coplana consolidates its position as a company that is committed to the strictest Quality and Food Safety standards.


Since 2019, the Cooperative has also had the Halal seal to serve countries that consume food considered pure in accordance with Islamic precepts.